Best Heat Protectant???

Although I'm giving up heat for the next year, I wanted to know what the best heat protectant is for hair as I plan on getting some extensions installed at the end of the summer. When I had weave back in February, I noticed that after blow drying and flat ironing my hair got crazy split ends and heat damage. So, I wanted to know that you all's favorite heat protectants are?

How Does Black Hair Reflect Black History ?

This BBC article by Rumeana Jahangir gives a high-level explanation of the stylings and significance of Black hair from the beginning of civilization to our contemporary culture. Starting from the earliest human civilizations, African men and woman used their hair to symbolize a connection with God, express grief and readiness for war. Next, hair became less of an … Continue reading How Does Black Hair Reflect Black History ?

Essential Oils to Help Boost Hair Health

As more people are turning towards natural/essential products to increase their overall hair health, I decided to emphasize great ingredients to elevate your shea butter or flax seed gel. Note: because these oils are highly concentrated/potent , you should mix  them into other carrier oils (ie. coconut or jojoba oil). With that in mind, here are 5 essential … Continue reading Essential Oils to Help Boost Hair Health