Meet Kobi Marshall, a graduating senior Management major from Wheaton Maryland. When she’s not working hard at school she’s a local hairstylist. @kamglamstyles on Instagram.

I asked her for some hair advice and here’s what she had to say:

Favorite hair companies:

  • Hair by White Label Hair
  • Hair by Belle Bree
  • Unice on Ali Express
  • Kendra’s Boutique.

How do you know you’ve received good hair from a company?

Good bundles mirror real hair. They’re not too shiny and each bundle is a tad bit unique. If the bundles are too dark in color they’re probably not virgin and may have been processed. Really “good” hair is thick from top to bottom. Many companies sell hair that thins out at the bottom, especially with longer lengths. Moreover, when you extend the bundles, you should be able to double it and still stretch your hands all the way.

How do you revive your bundles?

I swear by silicon mix. I saturate the bundles in the mix and put them in the microwave for about a minute to jumpstart the process. Then I let them sit in the mix for about an hour.

With colored hair, I use the Paul Mitchell Color Care Conditioner to saturate the hair and then proceed with the silicon mix.

Best practices for washing your weave?

It is important to make sure to wash the hair every two to three weeks, especially if you have leave-out. The oils from our natural hair and scalp get on the bundles and begin to give a greasy appearance and that’s not cute! You don’t have to wash your whole head every time. A trick I learned is to put a shower cap on the top part of your own head and let the extensions hang out and wash them without wetting your scalp. 

Best practices for hair maintenance ?

Body wave/Straight: Make sure your wrap your hair at night and wear a bonnet. Make sure you always wash and condition every two to three weeks and brush your hair often.

Kinky/Curly: Detangle at least every morning and every night. To do this wet the hair and go through it gently with a wide tooth comb. Use conditioner or curl enhancer to get the curls to look healthy and new everyday. I wash the hair often to prevent product build-up. When sleeping with curly hair, I usually do big plats after detangling so it stays manageable. 



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