This BBC article by Rumeana Jahangir gives a high-level explanation of the stylings and significance of Black hair from the beginning of civilization to our contemporary culture.

Starting from the earliest human civilizations, African men and woman used their hair to symbolize a connection with God, express grief and readiness for war. Next, hair became less of an affirmation of our culture but a tool of assimilation with the invention of the perm. The trend of hair as a statement of independence and identity came in the 60s with the afro which symbolized “rebellion, pride and empowerment.” In the contemporary era, black hair/ hair care is a 774 million dollar industry that embraces both self-identity and factors of this assimilation.

The BBC Article does a great job of detailing global references of how black people  style their hair and the intent behind each styling. For example, the locs often associated with Rastafarianism, have references in the Old Testament and the Hindu deity, Shiva is also sometimes depicted wearing them

What articles about hair do you recommend?




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