I have found the perfect wash & go products. No more are the days of undefined curls/coils,  overly crunchy hair and ridiculous shrinkage. I now have found great combination products that allow for my hair flourish all day.

The Process:

First, I wash my hair (shampoo & condition). With may hair still soaking wet I apply my leave-in, this time I used the Mixed Chicks’ Leave-in Conditioner. After this I used Miss. Jessie’s Curly Meringue and applied it throughly throughout my hair from ends to roots. HERE IS THE CRUCIAL STEP, detangle your hair gently then,  apply the best gel product on the planet,  Miss. Jessie’s Coily Custard. This stuff right here defined my curls so well and minimized frizz. The texture is similar to that of flaxseed gel so it easier to comb through my hair and monitor how much product I use.

The wash and go lasted for about four days, which is normal for my hair and my laziness at night. The only con is that the after the gel dries, there is a lot of flaking so beware when wearing dark colored shirts.


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