To all my people still on the fence about going natural or in need of inspiration to put the ORS box down, here are my Top 3 Tips on going and staying natural.

#3 | Take Your Time

Going natural is your own personal journey. If you’re not ready to big chop, that’s okay! Understand that going natural means putting down the creamy crack and letting your natural curl pattern flourish. Going natural doesn’t always have to mean embodying “I Am Not My Hair”by India Arie from day 1. It’s okay to transition into chopping your hair. It’s okay to relapse. Take your time, sis.

If you don’t want to deal with your hair while it’s in a two-textured state, I suggest wearing protective styles (weaves, wigs, box braids, marley/havana twists, etc.)  These styles help with length retention and increase health.

Protective Styles:  marley/havana twists, box braids , wigs

#2 | Your Journey is Your Own

When I cut my hair, I really thought in a few years, I’d be walking down the street with my hair by my waistline and thriving like Natural85. But that was obviously not the case. We all look for that fast growth or to have our as hair poppin’ like the next woman. The best way to stay natural and not give up is to let your journey be your own and embrace your lovely curls and kinks.

#1 | Shrinkage is Real but You’re Realer 

The battle against shrinkage is sooo trying, especially with 4a and above patterns. It was so difficult to go from having shoulder-length hair and being able to show it all the time to having hair that  It’s gonna be okay, tho. Stretching your hair i possible. Bantu knots, pulling your twist to the other side of your hair and the band method are  wonderful ways to show the world your growth. Here’s a great video on how to minimize shrinkage and maximize the slay.

Other Ways to Stretch Hair: twist-out, braid out, bantu knots

Please comment below some of your motivation for going and staying natural.

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